Woody's Surf and Skate - Rio Grande and North Wildwood NJ
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The Wood Family

It all started in the 90's in North Wildwood, NJ. Kellie used a cheesy pick up line to snag Christian at a bar (Jimmy's) at 2AM. Fortunately, he fell for it, hook, line and sinker! Together a dream was hatched. Open up a surf & skate shop. Two years later they got engaged on the beach in Costa Rica. One year after that, they were married at the North Wildwood Lighthouse.
In 2001 Christian was attending college (2nd time around) in Florida. They came home for a visit and found the old Anglesea Surf Shop for rent. Alarms went off in their heads. Was it possible, they thought. Then, what the hell, what do we have to lose. Within two weeks, summer classes were dropped and Christian's parents were informed that they had extra tenants for the summer. With $5,000 and lot's of available credit on the credit cards, Woody's Surf and Skate was born. The first year was crazy. Lot's of learn as you go.
While still living in Florida for the winter of 2001/2002, Kellie and Christian decided that things were going too smoothly. They needed more chaos in their lives. They decided to have a baby. Nine months later, the future world champ of surfing, skating and any other board sport was born. Kai Logan Wood came into the world on August 7, 2002. There were good waves that day.
Two months later, Christian had to choose between working a real job or opening a second, year round, shop. With some pushing from Kellie, the Rio Grande location was opened on Halloween 2002. The response from their customers was overwhelming. People were thankful that a surf and skate shop was open full time year round. No more driving to the mall.

As things begin to get into a groove at Woody's, Kellie and Chris decided they needed a little more excitement. Carter James Wood was born on February 18, 2007. Kai's competition for world champ had arrived! Also, to stir things up some more, the Rio Grande store moved to a much larger (3 times the size) location.

Winter 09/10 marked another new chapter in the Woody's saga. Chris and Kellie transformed an unused back room into the Fitness Room. Offering Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Kukuwa and other fitness classes to fill up all of Kellie's free time (haha).

As 2012 started, with the economy still in a tailspin, The Woody's family made the sad decision to close down the Rio Grande store and focus on our original North Wildwood location. Summer 2012 was an epic summer for Woody's. With only one store to focus on, Christian and Kellie were able to dial in the merchandise. 2012 saw the start of our scooter department at Woody's, which was well received by our loyal customers.

Everything was chugging along until Oct 27. There was a storm churning up the East Coast. We sandbagged and boarded up, but nothing could have prevented the destruction that was SANDY! Two feet of water and the roof got blown off. Luckily, most of the clothing was raised up and didn't get damaged. After a winter of waiting for the roof to be replaced, in February, we received the worst news yet. Our landlord had decided that they wanted the whole building for their pizza shop.

After much scrambling and soul searching, Woody's found a new home. We moved a whopping 50 feet down the street to an empty store front. Not quite as big, but it offered some things we had never had before: Bathrooms, Heat, and a side store front for Food. This store had flooded as well. The owners fixed it up all new and we took possesion on Wednesday May 22, 2013. Happy to say that we had the store up and running within 48 hours of walking into an empty shop. Now the next chapter begins........

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