The Wood Family

It all started in the 90's in North Wildwood, NJ. Kellie used a cheesy pick up line to snag Christian at a bar at 2AM. Fortunately, he fell for it, hook, line and sinker! Together a dream was hatched. Open up a skate shop. Two years later they got engaged on the beach in Costa Rica. One year after that, they were married at the North Wildwood Lighthouse.

In 2001 Christian was attending college (2nd time around) in Florida. They came home for a visit and found the old Anglesea Surf Shop for rent. Alarms went off in their heads. Was it possible, they thought. Then, what the hell, what do we have to lose. Within two weeks, summer classes were dropped and Christian's parents were informed that they had extra tenants for the summer. With $5,000 and lot's of available credit on the credit cards, Woody's Surf and Skate was born. The first year was crazy. Lot's of learn as you go.

While still living in Florida for the winter of 2001/2002, Kellie and Christian decided that things were going too smoothly. They needed more chaos in their lives. They decided to have a baby. Nine months later, the future world champ of surfing, skating and any other board sport was born. Kai Logan Wood came into the world on August 7, 2002. There were good waves that day.

Two months later, Christian had to choose between working a real job or opening a second, year round, shop. With some pushing from Kellie, the Rio Grande location was opened on Halloween 2002. The response from thier customers was overwhelming. People were thankful that a surf and skate shop was open full time year round. No more driving to the mall.

The first five years was a hectic, stressful, tearful, agonizing, sleepless, hair lossing experience, and Kellie and Christian loved every minute of it. They are looking forward to next 20 years. After that Kai is in charge!

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